Safety is a major issue among many companies and workspaces around the world. While most companies adhere to the safety parameters imposed by their founders and local legislators, some still operate without regards for safety procedures. This can lead to a myriad of operational problems and costly legal situations down the road. Lives can even be lost whenever accidents happen. Fortunately, some companies are dedicated to providing safety forms and programs to clarify basic parameters and legal implications. One reliable company that can help you secure OSHA compliance safety forms is Safety Policies & Procedures.

Founded in 2007, Safety Policies & Procedures has already worked with thousands of clients from the industrial and commercial sector. The company specializes in safety framework analysis and provides various services like safety programs for industrial and commercial companies, safety tracking & trending, safety incident reporting, safety audits, safety job descriptions, action plans, tool safety inspections, alerts, forms, and basic safety checklists. To ensure that these services are delivered efficiently, Safety Policies & Procedures implements a step-by-step framework for analyzing key problems within a company. This framework has been approved by ISNETWORLD and PICS - the authorities for organizational safety procedures.

What makes Safety Policies & Procedures stand out from the rest is its total dedication to high-caliber service. The company doesn't just write out basic forms and presentations. First, all details are properly gathered using specific key actions. Second, alternatives will be discussed to the management and front end employees of the client company. Lastly, the final output bearing the new safety parameters will be laid out. Through this standard process, many clients have managed to overhaul their safety regulation system, thus potentially saving thousands of dollars. Safety Policies & Procedures also stays sharp by continuously researching the latest trends in the safety auditing industry.

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We have an extensive database of Polices and Procedures, Presentations and Programs as well as Safety Alerts and Forms.

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Here at Safety Policies & Procedures, we have applied the best strategies in making safety forms, procedures, oil refinery policies, and presentations. We also improved our inspection tactics over time, allowing us to spot safety concerns and issues within a short time frame. We also have a team of professionals ready to make the best safety tools and programs for any client.

Here are the services that we offer:
Safety policies on various subjects that have been approved by ISNETWORLD and PICS. These Safety policies can be utilized specifically for your company.


  •  Identify company rules
  • Explain why the rules exist
  • Tells when the rule applies
  • Describe who it covers
  • Shows how the rule is enforced
  • Describes the consequences
  •  Are normally described using simple sentences and paragraphs
Safety procedures that have been approved by ISNETWORLD and PICS. Each safety procedure includes the procedure, a power-point presentation for training employees and an acknowledgement test for employees as proof of training.


  • Identify specific actions
  • Explain when to take action
  • Describe alternatives
  • Shows emergency procedures
  • Includes warning and cautions
  • Are normally written using an outline format

Safety Programs & Tools

  • Safety Programs Industrial and Commercial Companies
  • Safety Tracking & Trending
  • Safety Incident Reporting
  • Safety Audits
  • Safety Job Descriptions
  • Safety Action Plans
  • Tool Safety Inspections
  • Vehicle Safety Inspections
  • Safety Alerts
  • Safety Forms
  • Safety Checklists